Magnetic Switch Plates

  • If you are looking for unique, functional decor for your house you must check out An artisan named Roger Questel invented a process where he mixed metal powder with polymers and ceramic to create the very first lightweight metal composite, and today has evolved right into a RQHome using more than 1,000 different designs in a variety of metals and finishes. RQ Home’s cast-metal kitchenware is inspired by Roger’s passion for cooking and fervour for bringing elegant culinary fixtures to your house. These hand-crafted pieces blur the lines between form and function, supplying the best of all possible worlds. Magnetic knife racks, spice racks, tablet shelves and utensil racks are certain to provide the perfect sensible accent to your cooking area. The award winning decorative magnetic switch plates, created by Roger Questel, give a wistful but elegant cast-metal motif towards the interior décor associated with a room. These metal wall plates attach easily to lighting fixtures and electrical outlets using powerful magnets, presenting a clean, refined accent without any visible screws. The wall plates are as innovative as they are beautiful. RQ Home’s signature cast-metal and cast-stone decorative bowls give a wonderful centerpiece for any table, and are durable enough to become a graceful container for the everyday objects in your life. Each cast-metal bowl is equipped with a protective felt base so it won’t scratch your table. The decorative flower vases can be found in several elegant cast-metal finishes including oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, wrought iron and timeworn steel in addition to cast noche stone. Each handcrafted flower vase is designed to hold just one flower for a simple, sophisticated interior decorating centerpiece. Magnetic Switch Plates RQ Home’s innovative home décor products complement any room’s interior scheme with a clean, modern touch. And, they're very proudly all made in the U.S.A.